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The official tile card

A Booooooring Day, In a Mecha is an upcoming 2 or 3 minute GoAnimate short produced by Tigrus879. It is based off of the Super Sentai series "Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger (stylized as Toqger)". The short itself features Toq 1 Gou, Fa Mulan (from Disney's Mulan), and Karael's avatar.

This short is in the same continuity as the GoAnimate Cinematic Universe films.



Toq 1-Gou (Voiced by TTS Steven)

Fa Mulan (Voiced by TTS Jennifer)

Karael (Voiced by TTS Joey)

Toq-Oh (Voiced by a TTS voice from


Godzilla (Voiced by himself)

The Goliath (Voiced by TTS Scary Voice)

Build Dai-Oh (Voiced by TTS Diesel)

SuperSlenderGirl (not voiced by anybody)


Directed by: Tigrus879

Written and Produced by: Tigrus879

Cinematography by:

Production Company(s): GoAnimate Studios (Animation); Tigrus879 Productions (Production)


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