A Father/Son Story


Tragedy, Drama

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August 7, 2013 - August 10, 2013

A Father/Son Story is a drama/tragedy created in GoAnimate by YouTube user seinfeldspitstain. It focuses on Small Son, Average Sized Mother, Large Father and how they originate and die.


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This article/section/ may give away important plot lines. Do not continue reading if you don't want to be spoiled!



Small Son

As his name implies, he is the smallest member of the family and only child of the family. Small Son was originally home-schooled but after the wake of Average Sized Mother's death, he went to public school because he didn't have the money to keep on homeschooling.

Average Sized Mother

Average Sized Mother is Small Son's mother and Large Fathers Wife. She died when she met Kelvin's dad, which Large Father set off by accident.

Large Father

Large Father is the father to Small Son, husband of Average Sized Mother and the Largest member of the family. Large Father was in the military, according to his Origin video and suffers from PTSD.



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