Alister Travis Edgar McDonald (born 7 July 1963) is a character on GoAnimate

Age: 53

Voice: Diesel (formerly), Alan (formerly), Simon (current)


Andrew was born as the eldest kid of Geraldine (born 1946) and Jeffrey McDonald (born 1945). One of his yonger brothers is Ken (born 1979), also known as Andrew Clark's stepfather.

1983 was a great year for him. He got his driver licence, married to his girlfriend Jennifer Walker, the daughter of school principal Eric Walker (born 1932) and began to study technology, instead of continuing school.

In 1994 he became a father because Jennifer gave birth to two sons called Freddie and Porky. However, years later they divorced and Andrew married to Jennifer's younger cousin Tara (Jennifer moved to the Clark household, at this time Andrew Clark was just a baby). Later one, they had a daughter called Destiny.

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