Alternate Universe Oddities is a show which contain grounding videos out of good users, clips of good users getting grounded from bad users getting grounded, and videos of them from movies like An Very Special Movie: The Mirror of Mystery for example. Please note that in the alternate GoCity, good users are bad users and vice versa. It premiered on Orange Otter Network in July 15th, 2015.



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The Mirror Troublemakers

The mirrored version of good users are bad users in the alternate GoCity. (More mirror troublemakers will be added if more episodes are added.)

Mirror Caillou's Dad (Boris)

A mirrored version of Caillou's Dad, he is even more temperamental than his normal world version. However, unlike in the normal world, Mirror Boris loves his children very much, and considers it to be the best decision he's ever made along with Mirror Doris. (In the normal world, Boris and Doris deeply regret having Caillou.) He is a member of The Five Mirrored Grounded Goons.

Mirror Caillou's Mom (Doris)

A mirrored version of Caillou's Mom, she is even more temperamental than her normal world version. However, unlike in the normal world, Mirror Doris loves her children very much, even if Mirror Caillou constantly grounds her for misbehaving wherever she and Boris go. (This is because in the normal world, Boris and Doris hate Caillou.) She is a member of The Five Mirrored Grounded Goons.

Mirror Optimus Prime

A mirrored version of Optimus Prime. He may be referred to as Shattered Glass Optimus Prime. He may be a tyrannical leader of Autobots in alternate universe.

Mirror Rosie

Mirror Rosie is the evil version of Rosie. She always breaks Mirror Caillou's toys and misbehaves at school, constantly getting F- report cards in all subjects. She is quick to insult anyone and everyone around her, being scolded by Mirror Caillou, Mirror Dora and other mirror characters who are not troublemakers in the mirror world. She is a member of The Five Mirrored Grounded Goons.

Mirror Eric Gavin

A mirrored version of Eric Gavin. He was the most hated of the Gavin family and is very harsh, unlike his normal counterpart. Also, he kills baby show characters, except for Winnie the Pooh. He even makes grounding videos, death threats, and other stuff out of Mirror Stephanie Gavin. He is the leader of The Five Mirrored Grounded Goons.

Mirror Nathandesignerboy7

TBA, He is part of the Mirror Grounded Quad Squad.

Mirror SkylerTheGoAnimateGirl

TBA, She is part of the Mirror Grounded Quad Squad.

Mirror HunterYes BieberNo

TBA, She is part of the Mirror Grounded Quad Squad.

Mirror Twilight Sparkle

A mirroed version of Twilight Sparkle.

Mirror Barren

A mirroed version of Pablo's brother, Barren. Unlike his normal counterpart, he is timid and dim-witted. Like Mirror Eric Gavin, he kills baby show characters. He is a member of The Five Mirrored Grounded Goons.

Mirror Alex Kimble

A mirrored version of Alex Kimble. He is the most hated person in alternate GoAnimate history. He is mean to everyone he sees and does not make what people request he makes, instead he makes the very opposite. Plus, he's a fan of anything violent. His grounders are Mirror Warren Cook and Mirror Nathan Pearson.

Mirror Sophie the Otter

Not to be confused with the Alternate Sophie from Nick Fanon Journeys.

A troublemaker who lives in Mirror Lake Hoohaw. Her grounders are TBA.

Mirror Peanut Otter


Mirror Baby Butter Otter


Mirror Jelly Otter

The mirrored version of Jelly Otter from Disney's PB&J Otter. She is prissy, girly and uncreative.

Tropes Around Her

Mirror WilliamWill2343


Mirror Cheesedoodle65

TBA, He is part of the Mirror Grounded Quad Squad.

Mirror Flick Duck


Mirror Pinch

Tropes Around Her

Mirror Scootch


Mirror Munchy


Mirror Tori (Tai Chi Chasers/Tai Chi Chasers Go)


Mirror Donha (Tai Chi Chasers/Tai Chi Chasers Go)


Mirror Rai (Tai Chi Chasers/Tai Chi Chasers Go)

TBA, he's an Tai Chi card thief.

Mirror Sena (Tai Chi Chasers/Tai Chi Chasers Go)


Mirror Finn (Tai Chi Chasers/Tai Chi Chasers Go)


Mirror Lloyd (Ninjago)

He is an elemental raper

Mirror Cole (Ninjago)


Mirror Kai (Ninjago)


Mirror Jay (Ninjago)


Mirror Zane (Ninjago)


Mirror L Ryan

Mirror L Ryan is mean towards everyone, and in return, everyone is mean towards him. He makes character battle videos, but then if people vote for characters which are in the videos, he blocks them straight away. (Unlike the real L Ryan, who only blocks people if they vote for people who are not in those videos too many times.)

Mirror TheColossalD


Mirror Julian Song

Mirror Julian Song may be a VGCP leader with Mirror Mister CF. He is friendly to VGCPs unlike his normal counterpart but he may be dumber than them.

Mirror Mister CF

Mirror CF is a baby show lover and a leader, he is sometimes referred to as fake Mister CF. He makes videos out of his real one from normal universe.

Mirror Carkle

The opposite of Carkle the Animatronic. He does bad stuff like harrasing people, bullying, and also uploading grounded videos out of good users. He is also hated by many good users, and teams up with bad users he knows.

Mirror Billy Wagner

Mirror Billy is the mirror counterpart of Billy Wagner from Popples. He hates the Mirror Popples helping him and is a sore loser. Also, he and Mirror Bonnie fail to clean up messes in time before any adult comes.

Mirror Bonnie Wagner

Mirror Bonnie is the mirror counterpart to Bonnie Wagner from the Popples cartoon. She is very spoiled, has a bad relationship with her younger brother Mirror Billy, and doesn't want the Mirror Popples' help.

Mirror P.C. Popple

Mirror P.C. thinks he's cooler than his normal version, but from the heroes' POV, he isn't. His finger-snapping causes trouble instead of solving problems. He is the co-leader of the Mirror Popples gang. In Mirror P.C. Popple Takes Drugs/Grounded, we learn that he is also obsessed with taking drugs.

Mirror Party Popple

Mirror Party Popple is a downer who hates to throw parties. She is very grumpy and makes others angry.

Tropes Around Her

  • Grumpy Bear: To top it all off, she only smiles when she feels like it.

Mirror Pancake Popple

Mirror Pancake can be considered the cruelest one out of the Mirror Popples. She hits heroes with her tail and scares other people.

Mirror Puzzle Popple

Mirror Puzzle is extremely stupid, yet the most serious of the Mirror Popples. He dislikes to read books and is bad at telling jokes.

Tropes Around Him

Mirror Prize Popple

Mirror Prize tells creepypasta stories instead of regular ones suited for any age. She does not care about her appearance.

Mirror Puffball Popple

Mirror Puffball has a very weak voice and does not know how to change it. She also likes to get very dirty and hates baths.

Tropes Around Her

  • The Pig Pen: She never minds getting muddy and whenever she hears the word clean, she flees.

Mirror Putter Popple

Mirror Putter Popple is also serious and calm. He doesn't like to play. His inventions may work better than his normal counterpart's, but still can be a big problem.

Tropes Around Him

  • Gadgeteer Genius: His inventions work better than his normal counterpart's and rarely fail.

Mirror Potato Chip Popple

Mirror Potato Chip performs rude sound effects and hates eating anything sour, sweet, or salty.

Mirror Pretty Bit Popple

Mirror Pretty Bit has bad manners, talks off-key, and is one of the worst poets in the Alternate Universe.

Mirror Montgomery "Good News" Moose

The leader of the Mirror Get-Along Gang. He is very cruel to his friends, treating them like slaves. He is also a terrible sport, fails at science and technology, and isn't too awkward.

Mirror Pingy Animatronic

Mirror Pingy Animatronic is a mirror version of Pingy Animatronic, he pesters people and makes their lives miserable.

Mirror Dotty Dog

The second-in-command of the Mirror Get-Along Gang. She makes things very miserable for the gang, is highly gloomy, and is mostly careful.

Mirror Zipper Cat

A lazy mirror version of Zipper Cat. He is very poor at sports and believes in honesty at times, but still is very mean.

Mirror Woolma Lamb

A tomboyish mirror counterpart to Woolma Lamb. She does not care about her appearance, is ugly, and hates ballet.

Mirror Bingo "Bet-it-All" Beaver

The mirror counterpart of Bingo "Bet-it-All" Beaver. He does not like to pull pranks or gamble and his bets please the other members.

Mirror Portia Porcupine

The oldest of the Mirror Get-Along-Gang (contrasting her normal counterpart's youngest). She prefers others' styles, acts mature when something doesn't go her way, and is not interested in anything new.

Mirror TJ Detweiler

Mirror Vince LaSalle

Mirror Ashley Spinelli

Mirror Gretchen Grundler

Mirror Mikey Blumberg

Mirror Gus Griswald

Mirror Blinky Bill

The mirrored version of Blinky Bill from Yoram Gross' The Adventures of Blinky Bill. He is far more mischievous than the normal Blinky Bill. He is often getting into tons of huge trouble. He also has a huge grudge on Mirror Danny Dingo.

Mirror Nutsy Koala

Mirror Blinky's stepsister. She refuses to help anyone up and acts very insane, compared to her normal version. She and Blinky cause step-sibling rivalry.

Mirror Bumblelion

The mirrored version of Bumblelion from The Wuzzles cartoon. A sore loser who brags at sports. He is also extremely aggressive.

Mirror Butterbear

The mirrored counterpart of Butterbear. She is very cruel to nature and is highly violent to everyone.

Mirror Eleroo

Mirror Hoppopotamus

Mirror Rhinokey

Mirror Moosel

Mirror Patty Rabbit

The mirrored counterpart to Patty Rabbit. An always grumpy girl who can be quite spoiled. Her boyfriend is Mirror Bobby Bear (who is no better either).

Mirror Bobby Bear

Mirror Patty's boyfriend. He and his girlfriend Mirror Patty do not get along well, even though they're a couple.

Mirror Roobear Koala

The mirrored counterpart of Roobear from Adventures of the Little Koala. Very idiotic and lazy, he often refuses to listen.

Mirror Laura Koala

Mirror Roobear's sister. She is an extremely spoiled brat who rarely acts nice to anyone.

Mirror Duck Hunt Duo

The mirrored counterpart of the Duck Hunt Duo. Similar to how the Duck Hunt Dog is foolish and the Duck Hunt Duck is brainy, but instead, it's the complete opposite.

Mirror Oggy

The mirrored counterpart of Oggy. He is skinny, goes on diets, and harasses people with his flyswatter. He does not torment the cockroaches that much. He is also from an Oggy and the Cockroaches fanfic called "The Tale of Two Oggys".

Mirror KingKool720

Mirror KingKool720 is the complete opposite of the normal KK. He is known for making rude comebacks, is not interested in making projects, and does not like any user. He is a professional when it comes to hacking (One time, he got a 2 year GoPremium plan for free).

Mirror Alan Cook

The mirrored counterpart of Alan Cook. Unlike Normal Alan Cook, he is Mirror Warren Cook's fake dad. Mirror Warren Cook hates him so much that he never obeys him from grounding Mirror Warren himself. However, for the Mirror Troublemakers, if they revive Mirror Alan, Mirror Warren Cook will talk to Mirror Alan that he will go to his grave by magic and the Mirror Troublemaker who revived him will be grounded.

Tropes Around Him

  • Would Hurt a Child-He would always ground Mirror Warren Cook anytime for his awful ideas.

Mirror Preston Evergreen

The Mirrored counterpart of Preston Evergreen from the DiC cartoon Sylvanian Families and Mirror Sophie's sidekick and boyfriend. He is highly strict, refuses to help his grandfather Mirror Ernest Evergreen in any invention, and fails miserably at telling jokes, making him a very bad class clown.

Mirror Tenderheart Bear

Mirror Tenderheart Bear is the leader of the Mirror Care Bears (the 1980's version of them), who act the complete opposite of the normal Care Bears -- They're never caring and are cruel to life. Mirror Tenderheart teaches the Mirror Good Characters to be mean and selfish. His symbol is a broken heart.

Mirror Share Bear

Mirror Share Bear doesn't like to share and only thinks about herself. Her symbol is a broken lollipop grabbed by a hand.

Mirror Funshine Bear

Mirror Wish Bear

Mirror Cheer Bear

Mirror Lanky Kong

Mirror Lanky Kong is even more crazy than Regular Lanky Kong, he likes to burn the Mirror Kremlings with his flamethrower and he doesn't swim, unlike his regular self.

The Mirror Good Characters/Non-Troublemakers

Mirror Warren Cook

Mirror Warren Cook is the best person in the Alternate Universe. Everyone likes him because he only makes real VHS openings but insists that they are fake, which shows how humble he is. (This is a good thing.) He is responsible for grounding the Mirror Troublemakers. Also, every time he sees grounding videos out of him, he flags them and criticized them, including Alan Cook (who is his fake dad in the mirrored world).

Mirror Megatron/Galvatron

Mirror Megatron/Galvatron is referred to as Shattered Glass Megatron/Galvatron. Unlike his normal counterpart, he is the wise leader of Decepticons in the alternate universe.

Mirror Caillou

A mirrored version of Caillou, who never causes trouble and hates all Mirror Troublemakers. He grounds all troublemakers even if they are older than him. He also hates Chuck E Cheese's, unlike Normal Caillou. One time, Mirror Caillou pooped all over of Chuck E Cheese's and went to Dave & Buster's because the latter is better than the former.

Mirror Lord Phoebe (Tai Chi Chasers Go)

Is a person who grounds people

Mirror Carlo Romano

Is Mirror Lord Phoebe's wife

Mirror Freddy

The opposite of Freddy Fazbear. He hates his restaurant and such. He likes good users, and hates bad users. Since he still sees endoskeletons, he ignores them. He also doesn't create bootlegs of DVD's.

Igor the Mii's Version is This Freddy, Expect he Doesn't Hate his Restaurant and Such, and His Restaurant is not Haunted.

Mirror Dora

The complete opposite of Dora. She has a high IQ and does not break the fourth wall frequently. Plus, she does not interact with inanimate objects and animals.

Mirror Catchum Crocodile

A good-hearted, sweet crocodile who doesn't like the Mirror Get-Along Gang and loves the normal Get-Along Gang. He helps anyone (except his enemies) up when they're in a jam, hates trouble, and is good friends with Mirror Leland Lizard.

Mirror Leland Lizard

Mirror Catchum's best friend. He is aware, sensitive, and assists anyone just as much as Mirror Catchum.

Mirror Packbat

A polite hero of the Mirror Sylvanian Forest. He and his intelligent ally Mirror Gatorpossum contribute to their environment rather than using destruction.

Mirror No Heart

Mirror Beastly

The Mirror Parents

Note that the mirror parents are like their normal counterparts, but with differences.

Mirror Mr. Gavin


Mirror Mrs. Gavin


Mirror Fat Benny

TBA, the uncle of Mirror SkylerTheGoAnimateGirl and the father of Mirror HunterYes BieberNo.

Neutral Characters

Note: They stay the same.



The TV Bodyguard

Just as the name says, he's the TV bodyguard. He both appears in the normal world and the mirror world. He also spots some stuff like killing an character from an tv show, putting inappropriate stuff that don't belong to an non-inappropriate tv show, and more.

Danny and Melina

TBA, the owners of the Mirriored World's Mental People's Home.

DVD/Blu-Ray Releases

Two DVD/Blu-Ray releases have been announced:

  1. Alternate Universe Oddities: Mirror Popple Pandemonium (focusing on the Mirror Popples)
  2. Alternate Universe Oddities: The Five Mirrored Grounded Goons on the Loose (focusing on the Five Mirrored Grounded Goons)