Amanda is a new character. She is the female doppelgänger of Warren Cook, but unlike Warren, she does not make Fake VHS or DVD openings. She's has long brown hair, and blue eyes. Amanda wears a yellow shirt, blue pants, red shoes, and a pink flower on her hair. She doesn't get in trouble very much. She's somewhat a troublemaker. Amanda lives alone.

Name: Amanda

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: Unknown, she's must be older than 13 and over. However, she's presumably closer to 17.

Birthday: Unknown; her birthday is never mentioned.

Hair color: Chocolate brown

Eye color: Sky blue

Family: Unnamed mother, Unnamed father, Lita (older sister)

Voice: Salli.

Boyfriend: None


  • Amanda's parents are never mentioned in all of her grounded videos except misbehaves videos. But you only hear their voices and never see their face. However, their faces only can be seen on character creator and video maker, template, and misbehaves videos.
  • Amanda's appearance has similar features to Warren Cook.
  • She is never seen getting grounded by her parents.
  • Amanda's mom's voice was Jennifer and her dad's voice was Diesel.
  • Amanda's parents are mentioned in some of the grounded videos but their faces are never seen. You only seen their torso and legs, and feet.
  • Amanda's parents' faces was visibly shown on Character Creator and Video Maker, template, misbehaves videos.


Amanda is a spirited, smart, clever, kind, caring, shy. She rarely gets upset unless troublemakers taunt her and even hit her.

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