Artemis is a troll/elve troublemaker and adventurer. or archer. she wears blue hoodie and khaki pants. white shoes and has piercings on her ears. she learned how to train archery. in upcoming episode, her family were killed. later, she were evicted to GoAnimate city because her hometown was destroyed and burn down due to beast attacking her village.


Name: Artemis Silverspear

Nationally: Skywardian

Gender: Female

Species: Troll/Elve Mix(later mixed into a snow wolf)

Age: Unknown but looks young. otherwise she's not a little kid

Type: Intelligent Young Troll/Elve/snow wolf Girl 

Height: 3'11 but she look like somewhat little girl

Hometown: Skyward Village

Weight: 95 pounds

Class: Archer

Birthday: Unknown, She was born on Lunar Month

Hair color: Burgundy(turns white if the moon mystic got into her body)

Eye color: Light red(turns red if moon mystic got into her body)

Skin color: Reddish

Likes: reading, shooting things with her bow and arrow, other things.

Dislike: being called little girl, getting grounded.

Boyfriend: Not at this time until she will move to GoAnimate city.

Voice: Kimberly

Family: Leon(father)(killed by beast in upcoming episode)

Jhanandra(mother)(killed by beast in upcoming episode)

Zelphar(brother)(killed by beast in upcoming episode)


Artemis doesn't get a boyfriend until she leave her hometown for GoAnimate city.

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