"I will not die until I achieve something. Even though the ideal is high, I never give in. Therefore, I never die with regrets."

Attrition is the name of a possible GoAnimate movie by Bubsy Bobcat. The plot involves a struggle for the GoAnimate world, to reclaim it from a force much more powerful than any troublemaker in the GoAnimate world. This force is the evil (?), mindless beings who seek to destroy the GoAnimate world for their own financial gain, not even considering the lives of the people who inhabit the GoAnimate world, or their feelings. They possess money, knowledge and power, but not compassion or empathy.


The movie begins in a typical scene from a Grounded video. A trouble-making character is being told off by their parents when a shadow looms over their house, causing the three people in the room to turn to the window and see what is going on. It turns out to be a large spaceship, which causes the paranoia of the residents of GoCity. When the spaceship flies off, the inhabitants of GoCity wonder why there was a spaceship flying over GoCity, but then do not stop to think and consider further, returning with their everyday lives.

Meanwhile, a lone scientist investigates the spaceship, which leaves behind a trace of energy. By following this trace of energy, he is soon able to make contact with the spaceship, which the (?) are piloting.



At the height of the battle, the inhabitants of GoCity who are deemed "good" fight the evil (?). They bravely concentrate their own energy into large energy rays, and begin shooting the spaceship, however the (?) fight back, causing the energy beams to collide, resulting in a stalemate. Soon, the GoCity inhabitants find that they do not have enough energy to keep fighting the (?) off, and begin to give in to their demands and surrender, when a group of people run towards the "good" inhabitants and shield them from harm, channeling the large amounts of energy they have into energy guns they find on the floor, breaking the restraint mechanism on the devices. This causes the beams shot from the guns to be immensely strong, and the (?) spaceship is destroyed, however, at a cost.

The people who shielded the many GoCity inhabitants gave up their own endless energy to protect the majority who had previously shunned them and mistreated them. Only after the spaceship is destroyed do we get to see the true identities of the people who saved the GoAnimate world from a threat much larger than any threat previously seen. Those people were the troublemakers. They, themselves, had protected a world which hated them from total obliteration.

The screen fades to white, and the movie ends.