This is a ungrounded video about all good users in the Mission Called "The Paleto Score"


Its about In doraland the 3 good users rob the Doraland 2 Bank with wearing Colored Masks and they escaped in CodPlayerRussia's Escape Vichecle wich is the Red SUV and they get Ungrounded by their parents 

Cast (You can add as many as you want for the Admins and Non admins can add 4)

Steven as SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY and Escape Driver

Kayla as Sophie the Otter

Young Guy as CodPlayerRussia 

Brian as CodPlayerRussia's Back Up other Robbers

Eric as Optimus500050


CodPlayerRussia:"Hey guys lets rob the Doraland 2 Bank!"

Escape Driver:"Ok ill call the others!"

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  • The Escape Driver was from the beginning of GTA 5 
  • The others were wearing a few masks that were colored 

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