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ccateni (Partner), RocketPowerGal24, AMsalley94, Brendan Barney, Good users, etc.


Trolls, Bad users.

Known for

Wild Animation Network, Grounded videos, Movies, Let's play, Livestreams

For awildmew's profile, see User:Awildmew

awildmewfromROBLOX (most known as awildmew) is a Go!Animate user who is most known for making Go!Animate videos and livestreams. He is 13 year old boy who been making vids ever since, he was a normal making vids. He also does walkthrough of the game Toy Story 3

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: MLP: FiM (As of August 2014), ROBLOX, Halo 4, Toontown, Minecraft, GoAnimate, Ungrounded Videos, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Total Drama, Disney shows, Rocket Power, etc.

Dislikes: Google+ (Excluding Hangouts), New Nick, etc.

(Please respect his opinion)

Awildmew's history

Awildmew is born 2001 and has made alot of Go!Animate videos. He is also been making some other videos aswell. His first Go!Animate video was made April 2013 on Go!Animate. His first video is made possibly 2010. He is a neutral made user and is acting good and happy.


  • He is the born user of all time
My New Intro! (Fixed)00:19

My New Intro! (Fixed)

his new intro from when i edited this page

  • He is the number-one user of neutral good
  • He and The Green ProDuctions are in the same grade and school ended the same time.
  • In July, awildmew took the FromROBLOX part out of his YouTube username completely!
  • His username on YouTube is now called awildmew WAN
File:New grounded series intro!

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