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Home world: Earth
First appearance: The Rise of the Axolotirad
Latest appearance: N/A
Height: 9 feet
Weight: 340 lbs
Category: Mutated Kaiju
Affiliation: People who don't call themselves "good users" or "bad users"
Roar(s): N/A
The Axolotirad is a carnivorous, mutated axolotl-like kaiju who resides in the volcanic GoCity caverns. He made his GoAnimate debut in the 1-minute short "The Rise of the Axolotirad" by Tigrus879. He will make further appearances in future GoAnimate Adventures episodes.


General Stats

Age: 130 (his species can live up to 1,200 years; an 130 year old Axolotirad is equivilent to a 45 year old human).

Likes: Human girls, Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, SyFy, TBS, MSNBC, Godzilla

Dislikes: CNN, ABC News, Fox News, people who call themselves "good users", "bad users", "awesome users", or "evil users", VHS/DVD/LaserDisc/Blu-Ray openings of anykind (real or fake), Minecraft, King Ghidorah

Free Section

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