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Baby Sophie is an Orange Otter Network Original by WilliamWill Media. It first aired on July 7th, 2014.


The show's plot explores the lives of Sophie the Otter as an 18-month-old infant in 2001. A narrator (voiced by TTS Brian) tells the story in each episode to young viewers. 

List of Episodes

Season 1 (2014. 13 episodes.)

  1. A Trip to Disney World: Part 1
  2. A Trip to Disney World: Part 2
  3. Painty Paws
  4. Checkup at the Doctor's
  5. Nursery Fun
  6. Where are Your Bows, Sophie?
  7. Hoohaw Halloween Hullabaloo
  8. Teddy Bear, Here and There
  9. Good Night, Sophie
  10. Picnic Party
  11. Duck Daze
  12. Baby Sophie's Pumpkin Picking
  13. Ouch!

Season 2 (2015. 26 episodes)

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"How can you explain this?"

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