Bali and his best friend Tito cosplaying as Eddy and Double D respectively.

1930's Bali and Tito

Bali and his best friend Tito in 1930's style.

Bali is just another kids' show character from Planet Nemo Animation.

Voice: Eric

Friends: Tito (Young Guy), Tamara (Ivy), Sasha (Kidaroo), Charlie (Wiseguy) & Suan (Princess) (big troublemakers too)

Other important members

Dad: Dave

Mom: Julie

Lea (sister): Doesn't Talk

Lina (teacher): Salli

Tito's dad: Simon

Tito's mom: Kate

Tamara's dad: Eric

Tamara's mom: Julie

Sasha's dad: Paul

Sasha's mom: Kimberly

Charlie's dad: Alan

Charlie's mom: Belle

Suan's dad: Steven

Suan's mom: Kate

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