Bearded  Matt is a boss known by angrywalkthroughs aka Matt Crowley. He was a sergent since in 2004 when he was 13.


born: august 13 1991

age: 23


Favortie Food: eggscellent challenge

enemies: Thomas fargo, Penny & Mitch,Optimus500050,Gen. McFarland,Princess(Sometimes)

family: Mustache Man (dad; voiced by Wiseguy, Young Guy, Dave or Lawrence), Matilda (mom; voiced by Belle, Ivy or Elizabeth), Princess (wife; voiced by herself), Lil Clo (daughter; voiced by Tween-Girl or Ruthie Rainbow), Mads (son; voiced by himself)

voice: angrywalkthroughs/Dave

Rank:Field Marshal

Goal:Find and Kill Gen. McFarland

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