207px-Becky (Danielle Marcot) in GoAnimate

Here is Becky today.

Becky is a grounded character on GoAnimate. She is a female version of Bill. Aaron's sister, Alice have the same voice as Bill and Becky, herself.


Family: Paul (foster dad), Kate (foster mom), Kendra (Older sister), Dennis (Younger brother who looks like PC Guy), Mrs. Elizabeth (grandmother, missing), Jerry Marcot (grandfather, decreased), Angelina (original mom, died), Steve (original dad, died)

Allies: Bill, Macusoper, Kayla, Matt Jones (Boyfriend), Kara, Dan, Stacy, Schemer, Eric, Billy Twofeathers, Brian, Amy, Mr. Alan (teacher), Ms. Christina (teacher), Mr. Simon (principal), Officer Dallas, Officer Mike, Geo Guy, Luttle Guy, Alice, Thomas the Tank Engine (like interest), Matt Jones (Boyfriend), Kara, Mr. Conductor, The engines from the Island of Sodor and Misty Island, Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Benny the Cab, Baby Herman, Tom & Jerry,Ed,Edd,Eddy

Age: 12 (some versions, usually when she's older)

Birth: April 4, 2001

Active Years: April 4, 2001-present

Grade: 7th

Enemies: Diesel, Dracula, M.Bison, Dr. Robotnik, Aaron, Maya, Diesel 10, Judge Doom, Memy9909, Baxter, azumanaga daioh gang

Goals: Acting like a bully (Like Bill and Macusoper

Friends: Maria (Chiquititas)

Favorite TV Shows: Thomas and Friends, Shining Time Station (retired), Digimon, Spongebob Squarepants,, Hannah Montana (retired), Shake It Up, Sonic X, My Little Pony: The Friendship is Magic, Rocko's Modern Life, Rocket Power,Ed edd n eddy,Superjail,Family guy

Favorite Movies: Thomas and the Magic Railroad, High School Musical series, Home Alone, Spongebob Squarepants the Movie, Disney Movies, Home Alone 2, Home Alone 3, Home Alone 4, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, ed edd n eddy big picture show,Miracle at Midnight,Dolphin Tale,Dolphin Tale 2, remember the titans

Likes: Girl stuff, dolls, YouTube, computer games, parties, Fashion, Making a Wish, Thomas and Friends, TUGS, Karaoke, Lady Gaga, Make friends with Thomas, Percy, Edward, Emily, Toby, Gordon, Henry, Britney Spears, Facebook, Roger Rabbit,o-zone,Call of duty,Guns,Cars,

Dislikes: Being grounded, Detentions, getting in trouble at school, being expelled, being suspended, Rugrats, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Kate Perry, Nicki Micki, Aaron, Memy9909, Warren Cook, Baxter, Judge Doom, Azumanga daioh,lucky star

Portrayed and Voiced by

  • Danielle Marcot (1991-1993) from Shining Time Station (retired)
  • Kayla (2001-present) from most of the episodes of Becky's Adventures from GoAnimate
  • Princess (2003-present) from some of the episodes of Becky's Adventures from GoAnimate
  • Ivy (2005-present) TheMonkeyPoop1 Gets to Have This Voice for Becky.
  • Kendra, Princess, (2012-2014) Sacred Hero Magic!
157px-Becky muscular version

Becky got plastic surgery while grounded

180px-Eric sees Becky kill her teacher

Becky kills her teacher

Becky (2014-present)

This is how Becky changed her clothes.

180px-Becky cutout - 1

Becky's bellybutton shown in the other video clip

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