Blue's Clues is an American baby show that premiered on September 8th, 1996 on Nick Jr. It also ended in 2010. Fans didn't like it with Joe, played by Donovan Patton. Steve, played by Steve Burns, was thought by them to be better than Joe, because he was the reason why Blue's Clues got cancelled. It wasn't Steve's fault he left the show. Steve was considered to be the "good" host on Blue's Clues.

CAST (GoAnimate):

  • Blue - Kimberly
  • Steve - Paul
  • Joe - Steven
  • Mailbox - Eric
  • Slippery Soap - David/Evil Genius/Zack
  • Tickety Tock - Ivy
  • Shovel - Charlie/Young Guy
  • Pail - Julie
  • Mr. Salt - Brian
  • Mrs. Pepper - Allison
  • Magenta - Kayla/Kalya
  • Green Puppy - Simon
  • Kids - Shy Girl, Alan, Kidaroo, Ivy, etc.

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