Everything you need to know about him

The "dankest" goanimator alive to some, a random dweller to others but a true hero to all. No one knows who he is or what he wants but he is THE man hellbent on changing Go!Animate forever. He first made rounds with his video "biotic zombie gets grounded by gaben the troll" and gained more popularity after cory in the house. Since then he's still obscure but loved by those who know about him.

His account can be found here.

Video Style

Attempting to give a definition on the style of bobobobobobo271's videos is difficult. His videos are all under 30 seconds, very off key, confusing, filled with clipped voices saying "OKAY DADDY" and other recurring memes. Another thing to notice is that as time progressed his videos became a lot more foul, having profanity's being thrown around everywhere and odd references to human biology. His later videos are not recommended to the weak-hearted, the easily offended or young children, but his older videos are more suitable but there might be a few things slipped in.



A typical animation by bobobobobobo271

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