Bubsby the True and Honest Vegan


Bubsby the True and Honest Vegan


19 years old



Political views

Libertarianism, Capitalism

Ultimate goal

Learn art

Penultimate goal




Bubsby the True and Honest Vegan[citation needed] is a silly GoAnimate Youtuber who can range from super serious at times to having not even an ounce of seriousness within him at other times.[citation needed]

In May 2015 Bubsby was at the centre of a controversy on Tumblr when a strategically cropped screenshot of him reciting historical facts was circulated and gained 194 notes. Bubsby created a Tumblr account and attempted to respond but it was not too late.[citation needed]

In June 2015, he exposed Will M for no reason.[citation needed] The so called "evidence" was later proven to be fake.[citation needed]

On September 2nd, 2015, Bubsby pretended to commit suicide by drinking bleach. [citation needed] This was for the purpose of getting a certain user named KirbyComedian2014 to realise that his actions were wrong. He now feels guilty about lying, but hopes that KirbyComedian2014 at least learnt the consequences of his actions.[citation needed]

Beginning in 2016, he is now a Drumpf supporter, but he doesn't realize is that Drumpf is the next Hitler.[citation needed]

He is obsessed with being vegan and is attempting to convert everyone to become vegan.[citation needed] He doesn't realize that being vegan means that you won't get the necessary protein.[citation needed]


  • It is unknown why he hates meat.[citation needed]

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