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This is what Button Mash looks like

Button mash puppet front view by megamanhxh-d6r7d13

This is what Button Mash looks like in MLP Form

Button mash eg by ferrokiva-d7dl9bj

This is what Button Mash Looks like MLP Equestria from

Button Mash is a 10 year old pony who is a troublemaker in GoAnimate (with exceptions in some occasions).

Born: August 1, 2006

Voice: Eric

His sister (Mrs Rainbow): Princess (Jennifer OLD VOICE)

His Brother: Young Guy (Ivy OLD VOICE)

His Mom: Kate (Kimb
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This is Button Mash's Brother Looks like

Bandicam 2014-10-04 09-01-08-166

This is Button Mash's dad looks like

erly sometimes)

His Dad: Diesel (Paul OLD VOICE)

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This is Button mash's mom looks like

Bandicam 2014-10-04 09-00-40-728

This is Button Mash's sister (Mrs Rainbow) Looks like

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