Carkle the Animatronic
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Carkle the Animatronic is an reliable SFM animator, and a member of WAME, who likes Five Nights at Freddy's and many other games. He officially joined this wiki on the month of Halloween, which (by the way) is October.
SFM Carkle

Him in SFM/TF2 form.


His normal look. (Ignore his ears and his nose from the poorly drawn TTG version of him, he doesn't like that show anymore.)

Likes & Dislikes



  • TBA


  • MLP: FiM
  • GoAnimate users who play Roblox (Except Igor, KK, Gorge, and Chrome)



He also has a YouTube account under the name of Tyrone Carino, which is Carkle's real name. He uploads GoAnimate videos, and he also uploads some Roblox videos. The first ever video he uploaded was "The Town of EBR", which was a Roblox video. It contains no sound, and just featured a tour of a Roblox place. The first GoAnimate video he uploaded was "Eric gets fat at McDonalds and gets Grounded". It featured a Comedy World character and 2 Lil' Peepz characters. It was about a boy named Eric that asks to get McDonalds and his dad says "No", but Eric went to McDonalds, after his dad pacifically told him not to. He then ordered lots of food and ate them all, but he became fat, and his dad grounded him as punishment for both getting fat, and for disobedience.

He is currently working on an upcoming movie called Attack of the Bots, classed as "fantastic" by OliverWestern.

Why he hates Protected pages

The reason why he hates protected pages is unknown. However, whenever he goes to a protected page, he becomes shocked and goes to the previous page quickly. After he saw the protected page, he will never visit the page until it is unprotected.

EDIT: Because he now has admin privileges that were given to him by TheChromePerson, he can visit protected pages for now.


  • R.I.P Chat. Or Anyone? - He says that when the chat is dead.
  • Ok? - Meaning that he probably knows what to do when someone asks him a question. This is his mostly used catchphrase.
  • Ok. - Meaning that he knows what to do when someone asks him a question.
  • Uh huh. - He is saying "Ok" In another way.



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