Connery Cateni, better known by his username ccateni (formerly known as connery 8) is a GoAnimator classified as a good user that started using GoAnimate before he was known as a good user.

Ccateni photo for ccateni wiki





Voice on GoAnimate



Awildmew (partner) RocketPowerGal24, AMsalley94, Brendan Barney, Good users, etc.


Trolls, Bad users, abuse, Officerpooptube247forever,Isaac Anderson Animations.

My new intro for now


The connery 8 logo 1 (YouTube ID)00:08

The connery 8 logo 1 (YouTube ID)

this was the first (and not very good) intro for ccateni (under the connery8 brand name)

ccateni started in May 5, 2011 as the user connery8. what he did was unboxings, opening to video games, and other videos too. The video were lame and not good as the now ccateni videos.

The Start Of Go Animate

Ccateni photo for ccateni wiki

the one on the left is the of look of me and the one on the right is the new me

The first go animate video connery 8 did was called stop!. it was so dumb and no one liked it. So when he was ccateni, he deleted the video and it was not see again. The second video connery made a video called connery gets fat at mcdonalds and it was a hit, but it was dumb because it was him getting grounded. The video was also deleted when ccateni came around the corner. most of the go animate video were come out, but it ended when go animate stop its free youtube video maker, this means that i needed go plus to upload videos to youtube (wow, nice job go animate). The rest of the videos from connery8 were lame and bad as poop.

Entering The ccateni

Ccateni youtube intro00:30

Ccateni youtube intro

this was the first intro for the ccateni brand name.

On December 27, 2013, connery8 was drop as the main name and the name was changed to todays name. ccateni.the intro was a version of awildmews intro that he wasn't using.with ccateni's character/friend users dance with the ccateni logo with sonic and ccateni the yellow box also said connery8, and go animate unboxings and more. it was later updated in widescreen hd, high pitched theme, and charaters are changed (main school days me becomes bondfan94 (now amsalley94 returns)

Ccateni intro redone00:30

Ccateni intro redone

an updated version of the 1st ccateni brand name intro.

A New Look

Ccaten new intro 2 image
I saw it was being copied for things staring me and rip offed. So on February 18, 2014 i said, i was going to make a new intro and outro that no one has done before (but the game theory). So i made a intro (like game theorys) with a logo with help from theguyordie and an outro with help from him too, it was a new way to show the power of ccateni!
Ccateni intro 200:35

Ccateni intro 2

one of the best intro of go animate (in my opinion)

My new outro00:33

My new outro

one of the best outros ever!

A New Intro (about time!)

My new intro for now
My new intro00:40

My new intro

On July 31, 2014, ccateni underwent another change. This time, ccateni used the same logo, this time cropped into just the logo without the full box. With it, ccateni made a new intro that includes a remix of Collide from Hellberg and Deutgen, remixed by Astronaut and Barely Alive. For graphics, he included a star that people are using, and a Today's Episode placeholder from the Grounded Series intro by awildmew.

Time for another change (again)

ccateni shortly dropped the intro after a 2 month break, and replaced the intro twice. one intro was from a sony vegas movie studio 13 template, and one from blender.

Ccateni's New Intro for Early 201500:11

Ccateni's New Intro for Early 2015


Youtube ☀

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