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Wild Animation Network

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Ccateni: The Movie was a cancelled fan-made film by ccateni and (not really) Paramount Home Media Distribution, based off the somewhat good film, GoAnimate: The Movie (from 2013, not 2006).

Ccateni the movie first trailer01:02

Ccateni the movie first trailer

this was the first and only ccateni the movie trailer.

How It All Started

Everyone was making a GoAnimate movie about a user or character on GoAnimate. The idea was so good that everyone was doing it, even awildmewFromROBLOX with Kristin Konkle: The Movie 1 and 2. So I told everyone that I was going to make a movie with the idea, but better, called Ccateni: The Movie. During production, I couldn't do a good opening title like any other user, so I asked AMSalley94 (BondFan94) if he could do it for me and he accepted, however due to time, he told awildmew to do it. I'm not sure what he said, but I think its a no because he doesn't want to get a copyright strike. Ccateni: The Movie was on a roll and ready to be made.

Being Delayed

Ccateni: The Movie wasn't complete on April 11, 2014. So ccateni said he was delaying it to May 1, 2014, however it was hard to make the movie because of school and dally life, so he said he was delaying Ccateni: The Movie until ccateni says so.

Handed over to awildmew

ccateni was chatting with awildmew on Skype. When ccateni asked if he could make the movie, he accepted. So, awildmew tried to make the movie and release it on April 11, 2015 for Ccateni's 13th birthday.


On April 25th, 2015. It was decided that Ccateni: The Movie was going to be cancelled because it was past ccateni's birthday and the idea was not interesting at all.

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