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Cherrica Cheesecake Is Humanoid Doll Girl who is Charlotte Cheesecake and 4th Doctor jubileena Daughter She like 34% human And 90% doll 

She Really Smart 

Smarter Than Other Scientist 

Unlike People She Immune Posion,Diseases, Toxicity,Drug overdose, And Other Thing That are Harmful To Humans

She Rarley get sick

She 14 And In College 

She Wish to be a Scientist so she Cure Cancer and other Diseases

Has a Crush On a Anti-Jeff But He Kinda Taken

She Is Crazy

Likes:  Fast-foods,Horror and Scary Movies,Dresses,Skirts,Shoes Dresses,Cute Animals,CreepyPastas,To Dress Up as anything,Sleeping,Making Pranks,Girly And Boyish Movies and Shows, Kids Movie and shows, Rated G Movies,PG Movies,PG-13 Movie,R-Movies and Lord Zalgo

Dislikes: Trolls.Hackers,People Who Talk S*** About Her,Westboro Baptist Church,People Who are Homophobia,Lesbophobia,Transphobia,Biphobia and Other Hate Other People...,Johnny Test,Anything that Not her Color 

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