Cheyenne is a GoAnimate Wife of Nemo333m (Double Bonus, Nemo333mComedian1998/TheUltimateNemo333m, Nemo333m Sync, or Nemo333m98swell/PCWindowsFan1998/AntiTobakilacion98Community/WiiGaming121098/TheANOESMovieFanatic1998) who will defeat all Nemo333m Haters (e.g. Ian McIntyre, Nerry Marin, Joe Traynor, Tobakilacion, etc.) along with Nemo333m. She's a classmate to Rose-Box (Wife of WithinThePower2500) and it's been like that since Nemo333m started school. Cheyenne was given as a GoAnimate Girlfriend to Nemo333m by Taylor JoliCoeur when Nemo333m was AntiTobakilacion98Community.


Name: Cheyenne Voice: Princess

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