Chompy Mage gets in dead meat is a video made by PaperPizza.


Ivy as Foo

Princess as Jazzi

Kayla as Noodle

Jennifer as Custard

Kendra as Ka-Chung

Shy Girl as B.B. Jammies

Evil Genius as Chompy Mage and Steve

Kidaroo as Creeper and SanicGee

Eric as Slime, Mickey Mouse, Foxy and Principal Wilt Michaels

Brian as Chuck E and Oro

Diesel as Master Eon

Joey as Cree

Steven as Snap Shot

Young Guy as PaperPizza


Rainbow: Graduate Forever

Green: 100 years off

Pink: 50 years off

Purple: 3 years off

Cyan: 2 years off

Yellow Green: 1 year off

White: Nothing

Yellow: Talk after school

Red: Detention for 1 minute

Dark Red: Detention for 30 minutes

Gray: Detention for the rest of the day

Dark Gray: Detention forever

Black: Held back to Preschool

Dora Doll: Suspended for 10 days

Caillou Doll: Expelled

Zombie Hand: Severely Expelled with everything you have replaced with Nappies and books.

Axe: Kicked out of all schools except the school the bad kids go

Chainsaw: Dead Meat (Kicked out of all schools even the school the bad kids go)

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