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Her in GoAnimate

Cirno (or チルノ) is a mischevious ice fairy from the Touhou Series, and her favorite number is 9! She freezes people with her ice powers! She existed for around 60 years but she is actually a child (maybe 6 – 9 years old as a child) in Youkai terms! She has a spoiled and unfair personality! She hates Reimu Hakurei because she is a hero unlike Cirno herself! Cirno's name is pronounced Cheer-no! She already has a grounded series by Mitsuki GoAnimate Fan but Optimus500050 is planning to make a grounded series out of this character!


Date of Birth: September 9, 1953

Age: 60 (6 - 9 in Youkai terms, she is not supposed to be a senior citizen!)

Voice: Kayla

Gender: Female

Species: Fairy


How she actually appears

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