CodPlayerRussia TV
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Broadcast television network






2014, 2 years ago
by CodPlayerRussia


Ostankino Tower , Moscow , Russia


CodPlayerRussia (50%)
GoAnimate Media Group (50%)

Launch date

June 16, 2014

CodPlayerRussia TV is a Russian-American commercial television Network, that was made and created by CodPlayerRussia.

Episodes of 2014

Episode 1:Mmmmm Crispy! 

Episode 2:Board as Peepz 

Episode 3:Transformers Whaaat?

Episode 4:CodPlayerRussia vs The Humanoids

Episode 5:Planet Stupidity oh great....

Episode 6:Simulation in a Simulation inside a simulation Part 1 and 2

Episode 7:Halloween War

Episode 8: Chibi CodPlayerRussia meets Chibi Squid girl

Episode 9: Shiki Invasion Run!!!!!!

Episode 10:Matthew Avon W/ CodPlayerRussia vs Kaazvi The Great w/ Houcus Chokus

Episode 11:The Rise of Rosa the Abuser

Episode 12:Baby Blues (Featuring Soap Mactavish and Randy Viper)

Episode 13:Clown Mania Madness

Episode 14:Garbage Thieves

Episode 15:Rock Lobster (Featuring Ted Myers and Michael Avon)

Episode 16:Time Machine Madness

Episode 17:Watch Dogs

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