Comedy World: A Very Merry Christmas is an animated Christmas and New Years special. It airs every December-early January on Twilight Network, Orange Otter Network, and any other channel that broadcasts cartoons. It first broadcasted on Kids' WB! on December 11, 1999.


After Santa Claus loses his wish list and gets amnesia, Eric and PC Guy must get Christmas up and running again before everyone in Lakeside City wakes up. Luckily, some elves help them on their trip. Meanwhile, two evil creatures, Zombie Zack and Zane try to stop the gang.

At the end, they go to Downtown to watch the new year come. Before that, everyone congratulates Eric and PC Guy and begs for autographs. Then, they wait for the ball to drop for the new year.

As the episode comes to an end, everyone cheers and wishes viewers a merry Christmas and happy new year.


  • This is the debut appearance of Santa Claus.
  • Eric and PC Guy, like most other movies, interact with other characters from different shows.
  • The "Isn't "gay" a bad word?" quote has been removed from reruns so "GoAnimate Studios doesn't get flooded by soccer moms."

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