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[We see the words "GoAnimate Pictures Presents..." and the name of the episode. The theme song comes up. After that, it goes to the title card. The episode begins with Lakeside City covered in snow]

Narrator: Ah, the day before Christmas Eve. Looks like Lakeside City is covered with a blanket of snow. Now, let's see what our friends, Eric and PC Guy are doing. [The two brothers run out of the house and hop on their sleds]

PC Guy: I'll race you to the mailbox! [A few minutes later, they are at a post office with their friends]

Eric: Here we are. [Everyone puts their wish lists into the mailbox and they sled home] Weeeeeee!

PC Guy: We're home. [They go inside]

Eric: Oh wait, I have a plan. [Goes outside with a bunch of sweets]

PC Guy: [Goes back outside] What are you doing?

Eric: I'm going to wait until Christmas Eve to meet Santa Claus. Then I'm gonna catch him with my net. I'll survive on these sweets. I'll also rest in this little tent.

PC Guy: Okay, good luck with that. [Walks back inside]

Susan: Come on, Eric, we're going to purchase a Christmas tree.

Eric: Darn. [They go in the car. Later, they arrive to pick out the perfect Christmas tree]

Susan: Hi, we're here to buy a Christmas tree for the holidays.

Bodyguard: Okay, step right up. [They pass through the guard]

French Fry: So, what are you laddies here for? Are you gonna pick out an apple tree? A cherry tree?

Paul: No sir, we're here to pick out a pine tree for Christmas. We would love a pretty-darn-big one.

French Fry: You are going to love this one. [Uncovers a huge pine tree] Behold!

Paul: Holy mama.

PC Guy: Whoa!

Paul: How much is it?

French Fry: Nineteen dollars and ninety-nine cents.

Paul: Hmmm... [Digs through wallet] Here you go, sir. [French Fry cuts off the tree. The tree falls down on PC Guy]

PC Guy: I'm okay.

French Fry: Thank you. So, where are you going to put it? In your car?

Paul: [Grunts and wheezes] I can take care of this baby.

Susan: Are you sure, hun? It does look quite heavy.

Paul: I'm sure. I have the muscles.

Susan: Okay, we'll see you at home. [Her and her two sons get in the car and drive off, leaving Paul behind]

Paul: [Grunts] See... you.

[It is now the mid-afternoon. Susan, Eric, and PC Guy are waiting outside the house. Eric is in his tent]

PC Guy: Where is Dad? He's been gone for hours.

Susan: I don't know. That tree probably stubbed his toe.

Paul: [Arrives just in time] Sorry, I had to take short breaks to get my energy back.

Susan: Come on, let's go set up this tree.

Eric: [Still in tent] I'm not going.

Susan: I'm baking gingerbread men! [Eric runs inside. Susan closes the door]

Paul: Help us with the ornaments, people. [PC Guy puts the star on top with Paul's help. Eric puts some silver and gold jingle bells on the tree] Good, now someone can plug this in to make the Christmas tree lights and star shine! PC Guy, plug it in.

[PC Guy does it, but gets electrocuted. Then the power goes out for a few seconds]

PC Guy: I can't see! [The power goes back on]

Susan: Now that the power is back on, I'm going to bake some gingerbread men.

Eric: Finally!

[Later, the rest of the family is feasting at the dinner table]

Susan: Oh, and by the way, please do not eat my homemade gingerbread house. I'm saving that for Christmas day.

Eric: [mouth drools] But I can't wait any longer.

Susan: [puts the gingerbread house on top of the fridge] Yes you can. Now let's eat our dinner. [Meanwhile, Eric and PC Guy are playing outside]

PC Guy: [takes sled out] Are you ready to go sledding?

Eric: I sure am. [the two brothers begin their race. They go down a hill]

PC Guy: This should get over my fear of heights.

Eric: Hey look, a quarter on the ground.

PC Guy: Um.

Eric: What?


Eric: Rock? I don't see no-- [sled trips on a rock, causing him to fall] Never mind, I want to build a snowman.

PC Guy: Oh, I can make one. [they walk back to the front yard] The front yard is a suitable place.

Eric: Now what?

PC Guy: [Gathers a handful of snow. Packs it tightly with two hands, shaping it into a ball] You do that.

[He places the ball on the ground and rolls the ball along the snowy patch. The ball picks up more snow, making it to get larger and larger as the snow from the ground sticks to it]

Eric: Whoa!

PC Guy: Now I need another snowball. [He grabs a snowball, only this time he makes it smaller by rolling less] And then another snowball.

[He grabs another snowball and makes it smaller. He stacks the three snowballs up from biggest to smallest. The largest ball is the bottom, the medium ball is the middle, and the smallest ball is its head]

PC Guy: And then I plant a carrot on the snowman. That's its nose. [uses two pebbles above the carrot to resemble its eyes] Oh, I forgot something! [adds some sticks to make the snowman's arms. He also adds a hat, and makes a smile with pebbles beneath the carrot]

Eric: It's amazing.

PC Guy: Indeed, it is. [takes a picture of the snowman] There. Now I can add that picture to the photo album.

Eric: Hey, we should build the biggest snowball ever.

PC Guy: Yeah, we will be a millionare. Let's go do that.

[Later, it shows them in front of a heavy snowball]

PC Guy: [pants] There goes our energy. [stops panting] Now all we need to do is--

[The giant snowball starts rolling. It goes after Eric and PC Guy]

PC Guy: AAAH! [runs for his life. The snowball crushes him and snow hits Eric]

Eric: Dang it!

PC Guy: You know what's better than building a snowman? Having a snowball fight!

Eric: Let's do that.

PC Guy: No problem. [they run to the front yard. PC Guy hides behind a tree and makes a pile of snowballs and a fort] Ready... set... THROW! [the two rapidly throw snowballs at each other]

Paul: Kids, we're going to Downtown to donate stuff and watch the Christmas parade.

PC Guy: [in his mind] It's not like we can have a lot of fun nowadays.

[Later, they are at Downtown GoCity. Eric and PC Guy are sitting on a bench]

PC Guy: You know what can beat our boredom? Singing some Christmas carols.

Eric: Yippee,Christmas carols!

PC Guy: [stands on the bench and clears throat] Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la la la. 'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la. Don we now our gay apparel, fa la la la la, fa la la la la.  Troll the ancient Yule-

Paul: That singing is marvelous. Here, have 15 bucks.

PC Guy: It was? Really? Wow, thanks--

Paul: Kids like you need that much money.

PC Guy: What do you mean?

Paul: Nothing, you just need new glasses!

PC Guy: [sarcastically] Oh yeah, very funny.

Paul: I'm just kidding. That's what most dads do. Anyway, I'm going to give you something you'll like...

[PC Guy continues singing while Paul walks towards the Salvation Army, right after that, we cut over to a mom and child that overheard the loud singing from outside]

Child: Mommy, isn't "gay" a bad word?

Mother: Uh, I don't know. You'll see when you get older.

[cut to Caillou in the Salvation Army]

Caillou: Hey, Mommy.

Caillou's Mommy: Yes, honey?

Caillou: [pointing to something] They have an NES-101 toploader model with the Super Mario Bros. trilogy included with it! Can I have it?

Caillou's Mommy: Caillou, I told you, only Santa knows what you're getting for Christmas.

Caillou: Aw. OK. [in his mind] Wait. I have an idea. I'll steal it.

[Caillou puts the NES bundle box in his pocket while no one is looking, and runs out of the store. Alarms suddenly go off, which startles Caillou and causes him to fall into a giant wad of chewing gum. He stands up, but he gets stuck in the gum and begins trying to free himself. Eventually, the squishing sounds create a techno beat, attracting storegoers. The camera rolls to Jelly and Ernest Otter.]

Jelly: Look, daddy! A street performer!

Ernest: Ah, yes... [remembers his hip-hop-filled youth and shudders] At least that fad's over...

[a crowd forms, which includes the rest of Caillou's family]

Rosie: C-Caillou...??

Paul: [pushes through the crowd] Excuse me, I'm here to get a present for PC Guy! What the...

[Paul chews some gum, throws it on the ground, and starts dancing in it. About half of the crowd does the same.]

Random Crowd Members: This is fun!/WHOO!!!/Caillou's awesome!

[Caillou's Daddy becomes infuriated]

Caillou's Daddy: Caillou, how dare you create an unoriginal dance craze?

Caillou: Unoriginal...?

Rosie: ''[starts waving her arms in the air] Yeah, it was stolen from GoAnimate: The Movie. Not only that, the gum dance in that was stolen from an old Looney Tunes cartoon from 25 years ago!

Crowd: [gasps. Some crowd members begin taking pictures of the argument]

Caillou's Mommy: And what's that in your pocket? [a crowd member dancing in gum accidentally kicks Caillou in the face, knocking the NES bundle box out of his pocket] Caillou, how dare you try to steal the NES?


Paul: [gasps] The Nintendo Entertainment System I was going to get PC Guy for Christmas! There was only one left and I had it reserved!

PC Guy: [stops singing] What's going on? [a fight begins to break out]

Caillou: But it was free. [tears up]

Caillou's Daddy: I wasn't born yesterday, I clearly saw what you did. The price tag was $19.99!

Caillou: We can just go back and pay it to the cashier.

Caillou's Mommy: It's too late. You were caught stealing.

Paul: I agree!

Caillou's Daddy: That's the final straw, Caillou. Santa will give you nothing but coal for Christmas!

Caillou: But-- [a police officer handcuffs him]

Police Officer: Not a good move, kid. [puts Caillou in the back of a police car. The officer drives away]

Paul: Now that's over, here's your present, PC Guy.

PC Guy: An NES? Holy cow! It is a bit heavy, though. [Now, they are donating items]

Susan: We should donate this red sweater. [inserts it into a donating bucket]

Paul: Don't forget some canned food. [puts some canned food into the donating bucket]

PC Guy: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! We should give The Giving Tree Guy something cooler, like a TV, PlayStation with games, a pet, or something, because imagine if all you got for Christmas was some sweater.

Susan: Well, he might be freezing out there. That's why I gave him a sweater. [Later, PC Guy and Eric are back home, tucked into bed]

Susan: Good night, sweeties. Remember, don't ever go downstairs.

PC Guy: Oh, we won't.

Eric: Will Santa give me the stuff I want?

Paul: Yes he will, Eric, I promise you that. Now go to sleep. [closes the door. PC Guy opens his eyes]

PC Guy: [whispers] We should go downstairs. Mom really has me thinking.

Eric: Okay. [tip-toes downstairs] There's the Christmas tree.

PC Guy: [hears footsteps coming from the roof] Uh oh, that's Santa. Hide! [they hide behind a sofa. It cuts to Santa about to go down the chimney]

Santa: Ho ho ho! [looks at a wish list] Okay... this should be the right house. [the wish list floats away] Oh no, my one and only wish list! [sighs] I'll try to remember like an elephant.

[Santa falls on a pebble, causing him to slip down the roof and fall on to the ground]

Eric: What was that?

PC Guy: It must be one of the bizarre neighbors. They like to party--

Eric: What if it was Santa?!

PC Guy: [gulp] You must be right. Let's go check, just in case. [They go outside. They see Santa on the ground, knocked out]

Eric: [gasps] S...S...Santa!

PC Guy: [feels his forehead] He's out cold... Better call the ambulance...

[It fades to black for five seconds. It cuts to an emergency room]

PC Guy: Santa, are you alright? Can you hear me?

Santa: [in a weak voice] Who are you?

PC Guy: Why, we are one of the kids on the nice list, you may ask.

Santa: Wha--?

PC Guy: Ugh, never mind. Eric, let's go on Santa's sleigh.

Eric: We're going to drive?

PC Guy: Yep. All we're doing is giving presents to the people on the nice list.

[After getting behind the sleigh's controls, it shows the two at a cliff]

Eric: PC Guy, I don't have a good feeling about this, because what if we- [the sleigh takes off] AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

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