Comedy World: The Halloween Bash is a Halloween TV special of the Comedy World TV series. It first broadcasted on Kids' WB! on October 2, 2004. It airs reruns every October on Twilight Network, Orange Otter Network, and other cartoon channels.


PC Guy, Eric, Lakeside City residents, their classmates, and other cartoon characters have been invited to the Lakeside City Spooktacular. Everything goes out right, except when a group of suspicious individuals have flickered the power off... Can Eric and PC Guy save the night and keep the party going?

Meanwhile, they go trick-or-treating on the bad side of town, Bart Avenue. They even get lost in a graveyard and find themselves in an abandoned mansion!


  • This is the second time Eric and PC Guy crossover with different characters from different cartoons. The first time was Comedy World: The Movie.


Deleted Content

  • There was a deleted scene where PC Guy got drunk on grape soda. This has been cut from reruns for alcohol references.

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