The DVD of Fun is a Comedy World DVD and VHS. The DVD version was released on June 1, 2004, while the VHS version was released on the day of October 5, 2004.


  • Pranks a Lot - PC Guy pulls some practical jokes on Eric. Suddenly, it starts to drive him up the wall...
  • Homeless - The duo has no money and are kicked out of their one and only house. However, there's only one solution: sneak into a rich guy's mansion.
  • Hermit PC Guy: PC Guy gets annoyed oby Eric's tomfoolery, so he moves into a cave.
  • Keep Cool - On a very hot summer day, the duo finds ways to cool themselves off. Swimming in the pool? Nah, won't work. There has to be some other way to stay cool...
  • Cartoon Madness - Eric's dream comes true: Match Boy and Match Girl in the flesh.
  • Eric for President - Eric changes the city laws.
  • Got Any Grapes? - Eric constantly bugs store cashiers across GoCity if they have any grapes.
  • Son of a Fish! - PC Guy accidentally eats Eric's pet goldfish, and tries to avoid him from recognizing.
  • Babysitting - PC Guy has to watch over the neighbor's two pests for the night.
  • Eric Come Home - Eric gets tired of PC Guy's commands, so he runs away to his friends' house.

Note: The VHS release only has the first 5 episodes.

Special Features

  • Two episodes of Pokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands. The bonus episodes are PokéBall Peril, and The Lost Lapras.
  • One episode from Everyday Life. The bonus episode is You Forgot the Eggs!.
  • Have Fun with Eric and PC Guy! - The two brothers both explain fun outdoor activities you can do with friends.
  • Activities with Eric and PC Guy - Indoor activities that doesn't involve electronics.
  • Two Hours of Great Songs with Eric and PC Guy - Listen to classic rock, pop, and jazz. Eric and PC Guy star as the DJs.
  • Five of PC Guy's Tall Tales - There are at least five tall tales made up by PC Guy. The first one is about PC Guy's great grandfather that was a cowboy. Ironically, he was allergic to horses.

The second one revolves around PC Guy getting bad luck. After earning a two-dollar bill, failing to respond to a chain letter, walking under a ladder, etc, he steps on a grave by accident and gets even WORSE bad luck.

The third one is about his Great Uncle Paul getting a severe case of the hiccups that lasted 57 years.

The fourth one is about how Lakeside City was founded.

Finally, the fifth one revolves around PC Guy getting amnesia. In the ending, Eric realized all of his tales were nonsense.


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