Comedy World Meets Pokémon is a Comedy World episode that aired on the Kids' WB! block on September 16, 2000. It shows reruns on Twilight Network and Orange Otter Network.


Eric, PC Guy, their parents, their little cousin, Sid, and their other cousin, Kate, goes on a family road trip. However, their car gets wrecked outside Pallet Town. So, for the next couple days, repair men are fixing it.

The family, along with Sid and Kate, reside in Pallet Town for a while. Suddenly, they bump into Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Tracey. Both groups become friends; however, they get into havoc and even battle Team Rocket.

In most reruns, there's a bonus Comedy World cartoon titled, "Occupied". It revolves around PC Guy needing to go to the bathroom - bad. The bathroom door's locked, porta potties are dirty, grocery store bathrooms are out of order and whatnot. He tries to use the bathroom outside, but it's impossible to get some privacy.


  • Counting the specials, this is one of the crossovers in Comedy World.

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