[We see the words, "GoAnimate Pictures proudly presents you a crossover..." and the name of the episode. Then, it goes to the theme song, and then the title card. It goes to the beginning of the episode after that]

Narrator: Ah, summer day. Where people go to the beach and eat some brain-freezing ice cream. Well, except for two. Let's see what our friends, Eric and PC Guy, are doing. [It shows the brothers in the living room, watching television]

Eric: Batteries in the remote control, check. Air conditioner, check. Bag of potato chips, check. And last but not least, 12 bottles of water, check.

PC Guy: There, our check list is complete. Now is the time to relax and watch some TV. This is going to be the best stress-free day ever.

Susan: Turn the TV off, boys.

Eric: [turns it off] Aww! But why?

Paul: Because we're going on vacation.

Eric: To where?

Paul: Disneyland! [Eric and PC Guy cheer] We're taking your cousins Sid and Kate with us, since their parents are gone for the weekend.

Eric and PC Guy: Aww man!

Paul: Don't worry, there's a TV in our car. Also, you can bring your electronics and toys.

Eric and PC Guy: Whoopee! [they pack their bags quickly and rushes to the car]

Susan: I think we should go to Disney World, Paul. Besides, it has more rides and more motels. It even has two water parks! We can also take a bus ride there.

Paul: Fine. [pauses for a few seconds] So anyways, why didn't we bring my very own boat? I've been saving money for that - and for the bills too!

Susan: Why are you bringing up a topic from a long time ago? Plus, I didn't even know that boat was still in the garage. Wasn't there baby raccoons and cricket spiders in that thing already?

Paul: What? We can always clean it out.

Susan: There's more raccoons and cricket spiders than you think.

Paul: Whatever, I'm about to get behind the wheel. I'll just pretend that boat never existed.

Susan: Yup, we're totally gonna have fun as a family. [it cuts to the family, along with Sid and Kate, inside the car, ready to leave]

Paul: Okay guys, do you have everything you need? [everyone shakes their heads]  Good. Because we're leaving as of... now! [starts the car and drives to the road]

PC Guy: Why do I have to be way in the back? There's way too many junk back here!

Paul: Because I said so.

PC Guy: Ugh.

Susan: Hey kids, let's all play a game called, "I Never Told Anyone This Before".

PC Guy: How do you play it?

Susan: It's simple. All you do is tell a really cool secret you've never told anyone before. For example, did you know I had a pet chameleon when I was your age?

PC Guy: No, you never told me that! Did you know I was the one that looked through the school principal's photo album one time? Boy, did she have an ugly nose in second grade.


PC Guy: What? It's true, though.

Eric: Did you know that I... uh... I forgot.

PC Guy: I'm bored. [gets some soda and turns the TV on]

Susan: Don't watch cartoons. Have this DVD instead.

PC Guy: What is this?

Susan: A DVD that teaches you Spanish. [PC Guy puts it in the DVD player and the movie begins]

Announcer: Hola, my name is Roberto, and today I'm going to teach you how to speak Spanish. Let's begin, amigos.

PC Guy: I guess I'm gonna brainwash myself for the entire road trip.

Susan: Eric, we need to switch seats. I gotta feed Sid his lunch.

Eric: Okay mom. [switches seats with Susan. Eric goes in the front with Paul] Dad, can I change the radio station?

Paul: No. On the last road trip, we made a deal. Whoever is driving can control the radio.

Eric: Oh yeah, I forgot.

PC Guy: Man, I'm getting tired of this Spanish DVD. So, I'm gonna watch something else. [turns the channel] Yay, soccer is on!

Sid: Me wike oo watch swoccer. (Translation: I like to watch soccer.)

Susan: Here comes the airplane, Sid. [imitates airplane noises and gives Sid a carrot stick]

Sid: Wum, wum! (Translation: Yum yum!)

Kate: I'm so bored that I'm getting bored of reading my gossip magazines.

Paul: Don't worry Kate, we're near a gas station. We can stretch and use the bathroom there. [parks the car at the gas station. Everyone exits the vehicle] We're here.

Eric: Finally. [It cuts to the family back in the car, driving to the road]

Paul: Okay, we should be at Disneyland in an hour or two.

PC Guy: An hour or two?! Oh well, at least there are a couple ways to occupy myself. [builds a pillow fort] There. Now I can be alone in my own little fort.

Eric: Can I change the radio station?

Paul: No.

Eric: Please?

Paul: No.

Eric: I'm begging you!

Paul: I said no.

Eric: Dad, I'm hungry.

Paul: Well, hi Hungry, my name is Dad. How are you?

Eric: Dad, I'm serious!

Paul: No, your name is Hungry.

Eric: Are you kidding me?!

Paul: Nope, I'm Dad.

Eric: I hope you're joking!

Paul: I thought you were Hungry. My actual name is Dad, and I'm going to leave your mother.

Eric: Huh?!

Paul: Oh darn, what I meant to say was... Meet your mother.

Susan: Hi, Hungry! [Eric yells in anger]

PC Guy: Eric, you do know that there's food in the back?

Eric: Oh, there are? Darn it!

Susan: Paul, slow down, there's another car in front of us!

Paul: Eh, what? [bumps into the car] Oh no! Our road trip is ruined! [the people from the other car come out]

Repair Man 1: I know you didn't mean to crash into our car, because that's okay. Accidents do happen.

Repair Man 2: We'll fix your car for free!

Paul: Thanks, you people are the best.

Repair Man 2: Anytime, we're here to help. [everyone leaves the car and packs everything]

Susan: Where are we going to stay for the night?

Paul: I have no idea. We can always camp out in the forest.

Eric: Oh my goodness, no!

PC Guy: Look guys, there's a sign. [The sign reads: "WELCOME TO PALLET TOWN"]

Susan: Pallet Town, huh? I guess we can go check that place out. Come on everyone. [everyone follows her]

PC Guy: Well, this is unusual. Does anybody live here?

Eric: Maybe we can just ding-dong ditch and run away.

PC Guy: No, that's a bad idea.

Eric: Good idea.

PC Guy: Bad.

Eric: Good.

PC Guy: Good- I mean bad.

Eric: Good.

PC Guy: I'm going to step on your shoe.

Ash: Hey, why are you guys fighting?

Eric: Huh? What, who, us? Who said that?

Ash: I did. Who are you guys?

Eric: My name is Eric.

Paul: I thought your name was Hungry.

Eric: No I'm not!

PC Guy: My name is PC Guy, but that's not my real name. My real name is a secret.

Ash: You can tell me later.

Eric: His real name is E-

PC Guy: Hush hush hush hush.

Ash: Well, we need some rest, because you won't believe how long we have been awake.

PC Guy: Me too. This morning I slipped on my toothpaste tube and got myself a black eye but it healed quick. Then, I got my tongue caught in the cake mixer but my tongue managed to escape. And before that, I went to go fetch the newspaper for my dad and a Great Dane barked at me in a threatening way. And before that-

Narrator: Many nonsense tales later.

PC Guy: When I went to brush my teeth, I did brush - except with shaving cream. Then, I went to cook some eggs but I accidentally put soap powder on the frying pan. That explains why the eggs tasted salty this morning, Mom. Comes to show it: Everyone has luck except for me.

Misty: [laughs] I just love your tall tales.

Tracey: We reached the top of the hill. Can we get some rest now?

PC Guy: Uh-huh... [Everyone falls asleep, except for PC Guy] One time, a neighbor asked Eric and I to watch over his house for ten days. He never told me he had a pet boa. Funny thing was that the boa's name was Fluffy. He always injured me. I had to go to the ER twice because of him. Oh yeah, once, I went to school for nothing because I thought it was the day before. [Pants]

Misty: I'd love to get some sleep, but you keep being a chatter box!

Eric: Yeah. Go to sleep already.

PC Guy: I'm... e-exhausted already... [Runs out of breath and falls asleep]

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