What do you mean?
I have no idea what you're saying

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Example of good grammar: How dare you sleep in school and get expelled! You're grounded!

Example of bad grammar: How Dare You Sleeping in School Gets Expelled! You Grounded!

Dempo is (Demo for Short 303903 on Youtube Raven try Termined all Accout so Zavio kill her and by the Teen Titans GO! Fanon StarFire never go Rage like Raven because superman do that too ) Zavio Youtube Username is ZaviotheGamer 000000 Zavio Send Request to Dempo (Demo) though she already is in love with Preston Evergreen (a Game character from the 1991 Sonic CD Was Zavio Favorite Game into it was sold out When K-A (kids to adults) Changed Zavio got his Hooded Cape with horns Zavio is Half Human and a Half Ghost (hall him Half Demon some time

Friends: Zavio

Enemies Raven (TEEN TITANS GO!)

Voice: Caillou

Favorite Game: Sonic Colors

Favorite Show: Sonic Undergroud

Favorite Indie Game: Mickey Mouse Games

Born: Haloween 2001

Favorite Game Rating: K-A (Kids to Adults)

Favorite Book Series: Sonic Comic Books

TV Shows he never heard of befor: Gumball

Favorite Windows Operating System: Errors


  • Dempo youtube accout user name is DempoTheGamer(Terminted by Raven so Zavio unterminted it got his accout back) his Lego ID User Name is DempoHatesRavenFromTeenTitansGO!!!

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