DJ Voodoo Man is a DJ Hip Hop Who is the

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Leader of the Freedom Summer Fighters. He is the Allies of the Good User, Task Force 322, SAS, NEST, ESF, Spetsnaz, Rick Tews Ninja Gym, High School Dropout, and College Dropout. He can fight evil, such as K-12 Government, Element Humanoid, Bad User, Unhuman Species, Troublemakers, Cybodies, UTUBETROLL POLICE, and Collin the Snatcher's Army using his AK-47, and also, he can save Summer from the Evil k-12 Government.

During Summer, when he had a DJ Summer Remix Party afterward, the DEPED arrived and The DEPED ruined the DJ Summer Remix Party. The DEPED changed the DJ Music into a DEPED Music called Go Education. He got so angry with the DEPED, that he made the Revenge on DEPED, and he did so because of the fact that they ruined DJ Summer Remix Party, and he created an Anti K-12 Organizations. He got the idea of the K-12 Protest to fight back DEPED using guns, and they made the Voodoo Doll to DEPED, and DJ Voodoo Man's Fan and Army to defeat the DEPED for ruining DJ Summer Remix Party with weapons.

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