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January 1st, 1997.


Cepstral David
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  • This article is about a Troublemaker. You may be looking for the Good Version of this character.

Daillou is a fictional character in GoAnimate. As an evil version of Caillou, Daillou is portrayed as a Troublemaker. He is occasionally portrayed as one of Caillou's twenty five long lost brothers in the videos of some users (here, Caillou is known as Dark Caillou).

In Oliver Western's videos, he is named Daillou Anderson, and he is sent to Barnhurst Prison, after he accidentally cleared Caillou of any wrong doing (he stupidly confessed to urinating down the teacher's leg during Summer School). He was deliberately introduced so as Oliver Western could write Caillou out of the series for good. He successfully escaped from Barnhurst Prison, but his downfall was meeting Diesel Warner, who had only just robbed a shop of four pints of milk. Although Daillou is generally portrayed as Caillou's twin brother, some people use Daillou as his evil clone.


Daillou was born to The Evil Family, a family that is so mean. After getting abandoned as a baby, Caillou's family found him at the forest of Satan. Satan gives the baby to Doris and the family left the forest. Doris then got pregnant of Rosie and Caillou. 10 years later, Caillou, Rosie, and Daillou got grounded for no reason.

In HangoutMatthewCool's version, Maillou also got grounded for no reason and Daillou got get ungrounded forever.




Daillou's secret is revealed to be his thought of Caillou as a homosexual, but the latter is currently with Dora the Explorer.


  • He is in a love triangle with Cora and Fora, he will most likely end up with Cora.
  • On Solitaire Joker's Caillou series, a snippet of the song "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake will play every time Daillou speaks.
  • In Brektimerox 89's TCEA Series, he is called David Eggtree

See also

  • Baillou — one of Caillou's triplet brothers

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