Destiny Weber/McDonald is LW97's GoAnimate wife/girlfriend.

Age: 14-17

She is a normal american 16-year-old girl. Or maybe not. She has a lot of personalities. She met LW97 the first time when she was 15 and became his boyfriend. She married to him when she was 16. When she was a kid she ate american food and later started liking japanese food. Since she's 15 she loves german food.

She is always nice. Of course there are also things she hates. Like bad users. Or school bathrooms (she hates using them, so she tries never to go at school). She is the youngest of her siblings, she has to elder brothers named Freddie and Porky.

She is a shy and friendly person.


  • Tracey (mother)
  • Alister (father)
  • Freddie and Porky (brothers)
  • David (father-in-law)
  • Salli (mother-in-law)

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