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About Enderman

Screen of deth

Enderman goanimate form!!!!!!!

Enderman normal

Him in Minecraft

Enderman is a bad mob in Minecraft who loves anything bad and good but he hates his dad also his dad is a Enderdragon his wife and him had a divorce. He is evil in both Minecraft world and GoAnimate world. Alex Kimble always gave him a beige card but the rest of us hate him with a burning passion! The only user who finds him cool is Optimus500050


Date of Creation: 1.8 Beta

Age: Immortal

Voice: Scary Voice, Alan (Alex Kimble's version) and AT&T Mike (Sophie the Otter's version)

Gender: Male

Worst enemy: Creeper


  • Enderstuff
  • Enderpeople
  • Eating Creepers
  • Stealing stuff
  • Anything good


  • Anything bad
  • ABCS
  • Baby shows
  • Being grounded
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.57.13 PM

Alex Kimble's version of him

  • Creepers

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