Erika is a another friend of Mackenzie and Polly. she has a British accent. Erika have long brown hair and hazel eyes. she's wears yellow shirt, light blue pants, purple shoes, pair of glasses. she has a interracial parents. her mother was British and her father is Filipino/Spanish. she doesn't have any brother and sisters. she's only child in her family. she's older than Polly and Mackenzie

Name: Erika Natalie Port

Age: 13-15(season 2)

Grade: 6th-9th

Gender; Female

Voice: Emma

Nationally: Spanish/British/Filipino

Hometown: United Kingdom

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel

Weight: 120 pounds

Family: Valarie(mother)voiced by Catherine 

Johnathan(father) voiced by Simon

Boyfriend: None


Erika have long brown hair that are down her right shoulder and hazel eyes but either green and then yellow in other users' version, medium skin tone but darker in other user's version but sometimes lighter. she's wears yellow shirt, light blue pants, purple shoes, pair of glasses.

In formal wear, her hair was tied to bun, she wears light blue oxford shirt, light blue pants, black shoes.

In Pajamas wear, Erika wear red satin pajama shirt and red satin pajama pants even white slippers


Erika is a quiet, gentle, smart, kind, genius, clam, well behaved girl, she loves to read a book and doing important things she does not say mom and dad, she only says mother and father instead. her personality was rip off of Albert Einstein's traits.

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