This is a Fat Jelly's Grounded Tales episode by Sophie the Otter and PaperPizza


Fat Jelly destroys Hotel OJ from Inanimate Insanity II. Afterward, she gets grounded by several good users and Grease the Pig.


  • Kayla as Fat Jelly, Sophie the Otter, Shauna, and Paintbrush.
  • Young Guy as PaperPizza
  • Princess as Taco, Test Tube, Soap
  • Ivy as Balloon, Cherries, and Marshmallow
  • Eric as OJ, Tissues, and Yang
  • Paul as Yin, Trophy, Fan, and Igor the Mii.
  • Silent as Box
  • David as Davidtheanimationguy
  • Dave as Knuckles the Echidna.
  • Julie as Lightbulb
  • Diesel as Grease the Pig


Fat Jelly: "I'm gonna destroy Hotel OJ because it's from a stupid Internet show with talking things! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

[Fat Jelly runs to Hotel OJ]

Fat Jelly: "I will place a nuke bomb near it!" (Places a nuke bomb and runs away laughing)

OJ: Fat Jelly! How dare you destory my Hotel!

Davidtheanimationguy: Fat Jelly! You are grounded for Destorying OJ's Hotel!

Paintbrush: This Sign is No Bad People Arrowed!

Lightbulb: I'm Telling your Dad, Fat Jelly!

Knuckles: Fat Jelly, You destoryed Hotel OJ! That's It! This Show is not Stupid! This Show is Good!

Igor the Mii: Fat Jelly, You ruined My Party!

Balloon: You S***!

Fat Jelly: Too F***ing bad!

Yin and Yang: I'm Calling your Parents!

Taco: This means no TV, no Computer, no Movies and more!

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