Fat Jelly Works At KFC And Gets Grounded is a Fat Jelly's Grounded Tales episode by RobbiePwns135

Cast (Admins can add whatever they want, non-admins can add up to 3)

Kayla as Fat Jelly, Sophie the Otter, and Jelly

Simon as Grease the Pig

Eric as Robbie

Paul as Igor

Transcript (WIP)

[We open with Fat Jelly in her garage, next to her car that her dad bought her]

FAT JELLY: [angry] Godd*mn it! I need another job and my dad gave me a Mini Cooper instead of an Audi!!!!! [growls]

[Grease the Pig comes in to the garage]

GREASE THE PIG: You need another job, Fat Jelly! You will work at Kentucky Fried Chicken!

FAT JELLY: Dad, why did you give me a Mini? I wanted an Audi!

GREASE THE PIG: Audis break down!

FAT JELLY: Then why did you buy a Mercedes? [scene cuts to the front of a white 2013 Mercedes GLK 350, then cuts back to Grease and Fat Jelly]

GREASE THE PIG: Because we like luxury. Besides, I wanted to save money when I bought the Mini Cooper at the GoCity Mini dealer.

FAT JELLY: OK. Well, I'm gonna go to KFC and get a job there. [Opens the garage door] I'm gonna drive there!

[Gets in her car]

GREASE THE PIG: OK, bye! If you get fired, you're grounded!

[Scene cuts to her driving in front of a KFC restaurant, then cuts to parking her car next to a 2006 Chevy Uplander]

[She then gets out of her car]

FAT JELLY: I don't know what to do when I get the job [walks to the door]

[20 seconds later, Fat Jelly stops once she gets close to the door. She gets an idea]

FAT JELLY: I have an idea! I'll be mean and cruel to the s***y customers!

[Fat Jelly runs to the door and opens it. Scene cuts to the employee room]

IGOR: Fat Jelly, you are hired!

FAT JELLY: Yes!!!!!

(Scene cuts to Fat Jelly at the cash register)

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