This is a Fat Jelly's Grounded Tales episode by RobbiePwns135


Kayla as Fat Jelly, Sophie the Otter

Wiseguy as The Boss

Transcript (Only admins can edit)

(We see Fat Jelly, in her basement, watching TV. She gets an idea of what to do)

Fat Jelly: I think I am going to make bootleg copies of Draft Day and replace the regular ones at GoAnimate Video with bootlegged ones! I'll put rude FBI Warnings and logos! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Fat Jelly: (realizing she needs a job there) But wait. I need to work there!

(The scene then cuts to the front of GoAnimate Video, then cuts to the employee room where The Boss, Employee 1, and Fat Jelly are)

The Boss: (happy) Fat Jelly, you have got the job! You're hired!

Fat Jelly: Yay!

(Scene cuts to her at home, at night)

Fat Jelly: Oh boy oh boy! I'm gonna trick those idiots!

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