This video is made by CodPlayerRussia

Cast (Admins can add many as they want and non admins can add 4)

Kayla as Fat Jelly 

Microsoft Sam as Police officer 1 and Keegen's new voice  

Brian as Police officer 2

Paul as Igor The Mii


Fat Jelly:"Man Keegen is a doofus and if only i can get rid of him?"

[Then Fat Jelly had a great idea]

Fat Jelly:"I know i can run over Keegen and shot him in the Shoulder and cripple his legs!"


Keegen:"Hey what is that car after m-"

[Then Keegen gets run over by fat Jelly's mistubishi lancer and Fat jelly comes out of the car with a Ranger shotgun from MW2]

Keegen:"Ah OW (24x)"

Fat Jelly:"Kill time!"

[Then Keegen gets shot in a censord scene]

Fat Jelly:"Now that Keegen is dead ill dig a ditch and throw him into the ditch."

[After Fat Jelly threw Keegen in the Ditch]

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