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Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat GA
His goanimate look


November 9, 1919 (age 97)




Young Guy

Felix the Cat is a 97 Year Old cat who is somewhat immortal! He only appeared in Green ProDuctions, and RyanBugsBunny's Series. His original Name was Master Tom since 1919
Felix the cat.svg

How he actually appears


Voice: David (Formelly Young guy) or Brian in RyanbugsBunny

Birth: November 9, 1919

age: 97


  • Felix the Cat did appeared in some of GPD's grounded Videos, but was deleted.
  • He is Immortal
  • He makes a return (since 2006) in Magic Felix The movie
  • His original Name was Master Tom, at Feline Follines
  • Green ProDuctions lost interest when he saw a picture of him hugging Hatsune Miku

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