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YouTube username


Birth name

Jack Golden


March 31, 2002 (age 14)

Jack Golden, better known by his online username FiveNightsatFreddysYesCaillouNo (formerly TheMangleFTWCaillouSucks) is one of the good users on GoAnimate. He's had his GoAnimate account since March 2014, but didn't get a GoPlus until April 2014. He also got a GoPublish April 2015. Seeing a video on YouTube was his spark. He often makes Grounded Videos out of Caillou, and Dora. He has created a boatload of characters, like: Baillou, triplet brother of Caillou and Daillou, and Bora and Cora, triplet sisters of Dora. He has never been part of the Good User Bad User War, and has only intended to be one of the greatest GoAnimate users ever.

Likes: The Mario Bros., Homer Simpson, Angry Birds, Caillou grounded videos, Skylanders, Soda, Robot Chicken, Five Nights at Freddys, Gmod, Minecraft, Plants vs Zombies, making YouTube videos, Good Warren, Baillou, Video Games and SOMETIMES Thomas the Tank Engine.

Dislikes: Bowser, Warren Cook, and Daillou.

Voice: Eric (formerly), David


  • He has actually had 4 different avatars, but has used the first 2 to make Marcus and Walter, two of caillou's friends. He started using the one he used until January 2015 in "Caillou creates chaos and gets grounded".

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