Freedom Summer Fighters Logo!!!!!

Freedom Summer Fighters is an Anti K-12 International Resistance is a Freedom Fighters Known as (Anti K-12 Resistance Squad) Created by DJ Voodoo Man. They are the Allies of NEST,ESF,SAS,Rick Tews Ninja Gym,Task Force 322 ,NEST,ESF,Spetsnaz,High School Dropout and College Dropout and the Enemies of PDAF,DEPED,Element Humanoid,Unhuman Species,Troublemakers and UTUBETROLL Police.

During Summer When DJ Voodoo Man   Had a DJ Summer Remix Party After When the DEPED Arrived and The DEPED Ruin the DJ Summer Remix Party,the DEPED Change the DJ Music into a DEPED Music Called Go Education ,DJ Voodoo Man Gets Very Angry to the DEPED,That He Made the Revenge on DEPED Because of Ruining DJ Summer Remix Party,and DJ Voodoo Man Created a Anti K-12 Organizations DJ Voodoo Man Got the Idea of the K-12 Protest to Fight Back DEPED Using Guns and They Made the Voodoo Doll to DEPED and DJ Voodoo Man's Fan and Army to Defeat the DEPED for Ruining DJ Summer Remix Party with Weapons and They Can Save Summer from the Evil DEPED  Elimating Summer Vacation and Summer.

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