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Note: This may not have to do with GoAnimate but that product may appear in some videos.

Gatsby is a type of hair wax product for men. Gatsby originated in Japan in 1978 by Mandom Corporation. In 2014, bad users are using their Moving Rubber as a good user's favorite product and an person's gatsby hair puts. The users like Electro fans use the stylist's name yes actor and a user no. Also, the users use the photo of a actor and a user or a character and put the photo of the Gatsby product and say an actor's Moving Rubber look and and user's or a character's hair wax puts. Sometimes, Gatsby can be good or not.

List of Moving Rubber Wax and the Stylists

  • Spiky Edge - Takako Kato
  • Wild Shake - Kazuyuki Fujishiro
  • Air Rise - Shuichi Kakuta
  • Cool Wet - Naoyasu Toba
  • Multi Form - Tomohiro Tomiyama
  • Loose Shuffle - Dai Sato
  • Grunge Mat - Yuji Yazaki

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