Character Unlocks

This is the full version of the Characters

GoAnimate Kombat Deception is a 2014 video/Game made by CodPlayerRussia and he also added some hidden Characters like Ice,Rainbow,Lindsey and Deathwing

Photo of Characters

Mortal Kombat GoAnimate Deception

These are the main characters in the game for Versus,Arcade and Motor Kombat

1st Row:Noob,Ronon (Grand Chase addition),Sub Zero and Reptile

2nd Row:Bruce,Scorpion,Bo Ri Cho and Jax

Other Characters

  • Taylor Joliciour (Sorry wrong grammer idk how to pronounce her last name)
  • Blaze
  • Ermac
  • Killer
  • Osniba 
  • Eric 
  • Sacred Earth
  • Super Giga Sonic
  • Sektor 
  • SkyLadd
  • Caden


  • Superjail
  • GrandChase Prison
  • Niagra Falls
  • Hell
  • Mount Everest (End of the Mountain is Spikes)
  • GrandChase Statium
  • Falling Hills
  • Ice's Realm
  • GoCity Train Station
  • Stern's Boarding School 
  • Ronan's Palace
  • Mud Volcanoes of California