This video, involving a fictional character or more as the troublemaker(s), has been created for entertainment purposes only.

90 Minute Special by Igor0the0mii

Plot (W.I.P)

On the Night of October 16, Igor Asks Shauna if he can date with her On the next day, He Accepts It.  on the Morning of the next day, they go to a date. first, they talk on the park, whose Evil Pingu is Trying to Kiddnap Shauna, but Evil Pingu fails and gets grounded. Then Igor and Shauna go to the shopping, But Evil Igor Comes and Strips Shauna on Front of Everybody, Resulting Igor Calling Sophie and Her Cousins to Ground Evil Igor, then Igor and Sophie find new clothes to shauna, they pay for it and shauna wore the new clothes for the date.

they go to a restraunt, whose Caillou is begging for chuck e cheese, but his parents deny, followed by Caillou throwing the Pepsi Can On shauna, making her cry, resulting on caillou getting grounded and forced to watch HTF.

after they eat, They See Cuddles, who is on a date with giggles, And Toothy, who is on a date with petunia.

However, Caillou, Evil Pingu and Evil Igor try to have revenge by killing shauna, but they fail and are sent to jail for life. the special ends with Igor and Shauna kissing.


Paul as Igor, Pingu, Cuddles, Toothy, Evil Pingu and Evil Igor

Eric as Sniffles

Kayla as Shauna, Giggles, Petunia, Jelly Otter and Sophie

Ivy as Caillou


(Igor0the0Mii2 Presents....)

[we see the special's title and cuts to Igor and Shauna]

Shauna: Igor...We can date tormorrow?

Igor: Sure.

[on the next day]


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