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GoCity is a fictional city located in the state of Florida. It is located at a fictional county called Cole County. It is famous for being the neighboring city of Tigrus879's GoAnimate hometown, GoTownia, and where the majority of GoAnimate grounded videos take place.

Over 1,134,256 people and other creatures inhabit this area and GoTownia.



The town was founded in 1986 as Southern Fields Town by Governor Jason D. Maxson and his wife. At the time, the population was merely less than 1,000 (at the 1987 Census). In the summer of 1987, Jason Maxson then decided to collaborate with Ferfield Amusements Inc. to open a now defunct yet famed theme park entitled "Serenacentre". In less than 10 years, the population has accelerated up to 56,000. By 1999, 389,263 people resided in the area.

After Jason Maxson's death in 2008, investor Alvin Hung (once founding GoAnimate) renamed the town to GoTownia. As of 2013, the population remains as 1,134,256 to this very date.


This city was first settled in 1925 and was referred to as "Lakewood Fields City". 30 years later, the city became a prosperous industrial centre. 

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Lakeside City

Lakeside City is another city in Cole County. It was founded in 1932. It has skyscrapers and major buildings. It also has great entertainment (e.g. museums, theaters, zoos, theme parks, etc).

Types of Ubers in GoCity

  • UberX

Sample vehicles: Honda Accord, Mazda Mazda3, Chevrolet Cruze They must be model years 2006 or newer.

  • UberXL

Sample vehicles: Honda Pilot, GMC Acadia, Honda Odyssey They must be model years 2006 or newer.

  • UberSELECT

Sample vehicles: Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Lexus IS Must be model years 2013 or newer.

  • UberBLACK

Sample vehicles: Audi A8, BMW 5 Series, Lincoln MKT or similar Must be a 2013 or newer. Must be Black with a Black interior.

  • UberSUV

Sample vehicles: Chevrolet Suburban, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, Ford Expedition Must be 2013 or newer. Must be Black with a Black interior.





  • GoAnimate Adventures (2014-Present)                        



  • The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie (2013)
  • The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie 2 (2013)
  • Tigrus879 the movie 3, Japan Rising (2014)


  • GoAnimate Adventures (2014-Present)
  • Momogowi's Eric Smith Series (In momogowi's Eric series, Eric and his friend Jake live in GoCity. However it's known for bad luck because of the repetitive disasters occurring there)

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