Gordon the Blue Big Engine has the completely oppisite size of Percy the small engine since Gordon is big and Percy is small! His number is 4. In GoAnimate, he is supposed to be muscular but a bit bigger than Comedy World Thomas the Tank Engine since he is The Big Engine! He tramples over people for no reason since he's big! He's always GRUMPY!


Date of Birth as a human: December 31, 1966 (Engine: 1990s) (Awater: 1899)

Age: 49 (Almost 50)

Voice: Eric

Gender: Male (female in Awater)

Configuration: 4-6-2 (oOOOoo)



Him being happy about Thomas having a good day.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 2.17.32 PM

Him in human form.


His actual appearance, he's pretty grumpy today LOL